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Ecovadis Certification Process

What is Ecovadis Certification Process

Introduction of Ecovadis

  • Ecovadis is a Sustainability Assessment Rating agency known as EcoVadis SAS
  • Ecovadis is evaluating Sustainability Management System of an organization based on Environment Assessment Criteria, Labor Standards Assessment Criteria, Ethics Assessment Criteria & Sustainable Procurement Criteria.
  • Based on Evaluation of Sustainability Management System, Ecovadis publishes a score card indicating Score in each theme amongst Environment, Labor Standards, Ethics & Sustainable Procurement.
  • Considering Score obtained, if eligible, Ecovadis also issues a medal like Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum for organization’s sustainability / CSR performance.

Ecovadis Certification Process & Assessment Methodology

  1. Understanding Ecovadis Assessment Themes – Environment, Labor Standards, Ethics & Sustainable Procurement
  2. Understanding Ecovadis Assessment Criterias under respective themes
  3. Defining Sustainability Management System to meet Ecovadis Assessment Criteria & Theme requirements.
  4. Establishing Policies, Procedures, Measures, Actions , Evidences
  5. Establishing reporting mechanism for Sustainability Management System Performance
  6. Undergoing through registration on Ecovadis SAS platform
  7. Completing Ecovadis Assessment
  8. Getting Ecovadis assessment results in terms of Ecovadis score card in 4 – 6 weeks of Assessment
  9. Getting Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum medal as eligible.
  10. Understanding Ecovadis score card and Improvement areas
  11. Taking necessary corrective actions for improving score during next Ecovadis assessment

What are Key Principles of Ecovadis CSR Assessment

1. Based on Evidence
2. Industry location and Industry Size
3. Diversification of Sources
4. Technology
5. International CSR Experts doing assessment
6. Traceability / Transparency
7. Continuous improvement

What are Ecovadis CSR sustainability assessments Themes.

1. Environment
2. Labor & Human Rights
3. Ethics
4. Sustainable Procurement. 

Ecovadis Questionnaire & Audit Check Points

Once registerred on Ecovadis portal, organization can assess customized Ecovadis questionnaire with following audit criterias

  • Energy and GHGs
  • Water
  • Pollution 
  • Materials and Wastes 
  • Product end of life 
  • Customer Safety 
  • Employee health and safety
  • Working conditions
  • Social Dialogue
  • Career management & Training
  • Child and Forced labor
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Corruption & bribery
  • Anti Competitive Practice
  • Data Security
  • Supplier Environmental Performance
  • Supplier social performance

What are Benefits of Ecovadis Certification

  1. Ecovadis Score Card & Assessment Methodology is Acceptable to Most of Global Buyers
  2. Gives an overview about organization’s commitment towards Sustainability & ESG
  3. Helps buyers in evaluation of Supply Chain Risks
  4. Improves ESG performance of an organization that helps in reducing cost related to Energy, waste management, loss time due to accidents, attrition, legal issues etc.
  5. Improves working conditions and Employee satisfaction
  6. Improves organization’s brand image & credebility

What are Ecovadis Certification Charges – Ecovadis Certification Cost

  1. Ecovadis subscription cost depends upon Country of operation & Number of employees
  2. Ecovadis subscription is available in Basic, Premium & Corporate category. Each subscription plan has different cost & benefits.
  3. Organization can chose plan as per their business needs

For more information about EcoVadis, please visit their official website –

How Blue Sky can help organizations in achieving Ecovadis Certifications

  1. Understanding Ecovadis CSR assessment criteria requirements.
  2. Guiding about Sustainability Management System practices to be implemented and Evidences to be maintained in order to comply with Ecovadis CSR Assessment Criteria.
  3. Identifying key Material issues for Sustainability Report preparations
  4. Identifying monitoring & measuring mechanism for Sustainability indicators
  5. Guiding for preparation of Policies to meet Ecovadis Assessment criterias
  6. Guiding for implementing measures & actions to meet Ecovadis CSR assessment criterias
  7. Registration on Ecovadis portal
  8. Understanding methodology for Ecovadis assessment
  9. Guiding for going through Ecovadis assessment
  10. Understanding Ecovadis Score Card & Improvement areas

Strength of Blue Sky

  1. Found in Year 2004
  2. Has Team of Engineering professionals, Management Graduates, Legal Experts, Corporate Trainers, Technical Experts, & ESG professionals
  3. Providing Consultancy Services for International Certifications & Corporate Trainings
  4. Served 1000 + Organizations
  5. Provided ESG domain services like Ecovadis, TFS, SEDEX, ZDHC, Fair Trade, RBA to 200 + Organizations
  6. Expertise in Improving Sustainability Scores & Sustainability Medals

Blue Sky is providing Ecovadis assessment consultancy services for organizations located at India, Mexico,New Zealand, Poland,South Africa,Sweden, Singapore,UAE, Canada, UK ( Britain) , USA, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Germany, France, Spain, Australia , Norway, Netherlands & Denmark

in India, We can provide Ecovadis certification consulting services to organizations located at Ahmedabad Vadodara Surat Rajkot (Gujarat) , Mumbai, Pune, Nasik ( Maharashtra ), Jaipur Udaipur Jodhpur (Rajasthan) , Uttarakhand, Kanpur Lucknow ( Uttar Pradesh), Indore, Bhopal ( Madhya Pradesh) , Patna ( Bihar ), Kolkata ( West Bengal), Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Gurugram, Noida, Delhi, Chennai, Coimbatore (Tamilnadu), Cuttack, Bhubaneswar (Odisha) , Hyderabad ( Telangana ), , Bengaluru ( Karnataka )  , Vishakhapatnam, Vijaywada ( Andhra Pradesh) & Kochi ( Kerala )

Please Contact us in case you are looking for

  1. Fresh Ecovadis Assessments , Fresh Ecovadis Certification
  2. If you are already assessed for Ecovadis & looking to improve your current Ecovadis Score
  3. If you are already assessed for Ecovadis & looking to improve your current Ecovadis Medal

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